• Corporate Timeline
Our History
  • Foundation laying
  • (1991-1993)

The founders of Vantone seized the opportunity to get their “first barrel of gold” through hard work and resolute innovation, accomplishing the primary accumulation rapidly - becoming “men of property” from the “proletariat.” Economists praise Vantone’s “friendship enterprise” characteristic, which attracted a large number of young intellectuals who just “plunged into the commercial sea.” Through the integration of resources, the business of the enterprise started to spread all over China from Hainan.


In early 1993, Vantone founded a private economic development zone in Beijing and was successful in attracting investment and raising capital in society, and then Beijing Vantone Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Vantone Industrial), with registered capital of RMB 800 million,  was established. At the end of 1993, Vantone New Word Plaza, the first estate project developed by Beijing Vantone Industrial, was successfully sold at a price of USD 4,000 per square meter, the highest price in Beijing’s office building market, becoming a milestone of Beijing real estate. From the project, the development of Vantone real estate began creating a name for itself.

  • Rapid growth
  • (1994-2003)

During these years, Vantone Industrial developed Air China Plaza, Tongrun Commercial Business House, Vantone Mall, and other large-scale commercial estates, among which, sales of the whole building hit a record high of RMB 1.2 billion in the real estate industry.

Since 1996, Vantone’s real estate business has turned towards the high-end residence community, focusing on high-end property and services.


Beijing Wanquan Legacy Town, developed by Beijing Real Estate, has been the new favorite in the market, and was awarded Double Ace “Top 10 Star Estate” of Beijing in 2000. Legacy Town, the first registered high-end residence brand in China, has been highly praised. Since 1999, Vantone’s real estate has led in the field of specialized operations and in its scale of investments in Beijing.


Since its inception, Vantone has insisted on promoting the growth and healthy development of the real estate industry. In 1999, Vantone, Vanke, and Central China Real Estate Limited (Jianye) jointly launched the China Urban Realty Association (CURA). Feng Lun held successive Chairmanships of  CURA in 2002.

  • Strategy expansion
  • (2004-2006)

As an innovator and explorer in China’s real estate industry, Vantone replaced the “Hong Kong model” with the “American model” and transformed itself into a specialized real estate company from a general developer. New business integration brought about a stable cash flow, stable profitability, and counter-cyclical capacity for Vantone.


Vantone entered into the Tianjin real estate market full force in March 2004 by actively introducing the strategic investor – Tianjin Teda Group. At present, Vantone’s real estate business in Tianjin includes six projects and a land bank of over 3 million square meters.


In 2004, Feng Lun planned and supported the large-scale telefilm “Housing Remodels China”.  In 2005, Feng Lun was elected in-turn Chairman of Residence Industry Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce.


In 2006, Vantone Industrial completed its business integration and became the first majority shareholder of Vantone Real Estate (Shanghai Stock Exchange code: 600246), which marked Vantone’s transformation into a strategic investment company from a real estate development company.

  • New progress
  • (2007- present)

In 2007, Feng Lun’s highly-praised  “Savage Growth,” which reflects “the spiritual history” of Chinese private enterprises, was published.


In 2007, Feng Lun was awarded “2006-2007 Outstanding Contributor of Harmonious Real Estate Construction” and “2006-2007 China Real Estate Annual Thought Contributor.”


In 2007, Vantone Industrial transformed itself into a professional real estate investment company, starting to participate in comprehensive investment business, including real estate investment, Vantone Inn, Vantone industrial real estate, Vantone Business Express, Taitong Foundation, property management, and Vantone Mall property management.


In 2008, the Vantone Foundation was established.  Its first efforts surrounded disaster relief in the wake of the Sichuan earthquake.  Since then, the Foundation has fulfilled its corporate social responsibility by promoting and implementing energy conservation and environmental protection projects.


In 2009, Vantone signed a contract concerning the China Center project at the World Trade Center in New York City.


In 2009, Vantone Academy and Vantone Museum (new museum) were established.


In 2010, Beijing Vantone Industrial Co., Ltd. was renamed “Beijing Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd.” (Vantone Holdings for short)


In 2010, Vantone Holdings launched the project of “three-dimensional cities” in Langfang, Hebei Province.

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