• Corporate Timeline
Major Events
January, 2011

On 1 January, Vantone Holdings held “2011 Vantone’s Pledge at the Great Wall” at Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing.

December, 2010

Vantone Holdings launched the project of “Tridimensional cities” in Langfang, Hebei Province.

August, 2010

August 18th, 2010, Beijing Vantone Industrial Co., Ltd. was renamed as Beijing Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd.

June, 2010

June 26th, 2010, the First Vantone Longshan Practice Meeting- “Acting as a respected private enterprise” was organized at Beijing · Huairou District · Vantone Museum.

May, 2010

May 20th, 2010, Vantone Holdings held “Communication Year”Theme Poster Release Conference in Vantone Industrial.

January, 2010

January, 2010, as a non-public foundation, Vantone Foundation Provided USD 100,000 Donations to Haiti disaster areas immediately once the disaster occurred, and the donations was sent directly to Haiti through China Center New York Co., Ltd., a company under Vantone Holdings to support the post-disaster reconstruction of schools.

January, 2010

During December 31st, 2009 to January 1st, 2011, Vantone Industrial organized Vantone Group 'Being Honest and Innovative, Growing Happily - 2010 Great Wall Pledge' activities

December, 2009

December, 2009, Vantone Commercial has formally opened, mainly providing high-end business services, such as serviced office, conference center and related business support services. As China business part of China Center, Vantone Commercial provides China regional business support for international enterprise. Vantone Commercial has opened two centers in Beijing, separately located in Beijing CBD and the Financial Street Area separately.

December, 2009

During 7 Dec. 2009 to 18 Dec. 2009, Feng Lun, Chairman of Vantone Industrial, attended in the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change” in the Danish capital Copenhagen as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs. The governments, businesses, public interest groups of 192 nations gathered in this meeting.

November, 2009

November 19th, 2009, Vantone Real Estate released a notice, announcing that transfer the shares of Jiaoda Vantone to Jiaoda Real Estate, while made Vantone Style (invested by Vantone Real Estate and Jiaoda Real Estate) become a wholly owned subsidiary of Vantone Real Estate through a form of equity acquisition.

October, 2009

October 15th, 2009, Beijing Vantone Stereo-city Investment Co., Ltd. (held by Vantone Industrial) and Beijing Center for the Arts launched ' Stereo-city: the future of China - International Exhibition of Architecture and Art' of 'Green Arts Program II'. 

September, 2009

September 13th, 2009, antone Industrial held Vantone Group 'Annual Reflection Day' activity, and held a video conference in the Vantone Museum, to commemorate the 18th Anniversary of Vantone. Feng Lun, Board Chairman, explained Vantone’s Core Value - “Being honest & innovative' to all staff.

September, 2009

September, the Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming went to the New York One World Trade Center building site to know about the process, encourage and support the active participation of the restructure and future development of China Center in World Trade Center.

August, 2009

August 21st, 2009, 2009 opening ceremony of Vantone Academy and the new building of Vantone Museum were held by Vantone Industrial in Longshan Legacy Town, Huairou District, Beijing. With Cui Yongyuan as the host, guests as Qin Shuo, Chief Editor of “China Business News”, and Yu Minhong, Chairman and CEO of New Oriental Education and Technology Group, etc. were invited to the scene, inaugurated Vantone Academy together with Feng Lun, Chairman of Beijing Vantone Industrial Co., Ltd., shared and witnessed this historical moment of Vantone.


Beijing Vantone foundation was set up.  The delegates of Vantone foundation entered into Sichuan for earthquake relief project.  Until this May, donation from Vantone and its staff was achieved 2.35.0000 Million RMB.


Vantone becomes a specialized real estate investment company with diversified capabilities, with time hard work and perseverance has immensely  transformed. Hereafter  Vantone devotes in the real estate sector, including real estate development, chained inn, industrial real estate development, real estate industry fund, property management, etc.


All the residential and developing business was selected to be the most essential  listed Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd. (stock code SH600246).  After a directional share reissuance of RMB 215.0000 Million increased the total registered capital to RMB 1.433.00000 Billion.


Tianjin Teda Group, a large state-owned company was introduced as a strategic partner.  Therefore Vantone’s registered capital increased to 120.0000 million with first grade qualification in real estate development industry.


Vantone came into being with registered capital of RMB 800.0000 million.  As one of the largest country’s shareholding limited real estate development companies with non-public ownership, Vantone is also the first few large shareholding company set up in Beijing.


Hainan agricultural high technical investment joint venture Development Company  (agricultural high technical investment), the former of Beijing Vantone Industrial Co., Ltd.(therefore Vatone) was set up in Hainan.  After reorganization, Agricultural high technical investment became to Vantone industrial group on Jan. 18, 1993.

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