Through business re-organization, Vantone Holdings has transformed itself into a professional real estate investment company that has four major business branches: Real Estate Development, Industrial Estate, Fund Management, and Asset Management.

Real Estate Development
Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd. is an A-stock listed company listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SH: 600246, hereinafter referred to as “Vantone Real Estate”) with the total capital stock of 0.507 billion stocks. The... [detailed]
Industrial Estate
Vantone Innovation Industrial Resource Investment Co., Ltd. ( “Vantone Innovation”) was established on 7 March 2008 as a Vantone company specializing in the investment of industrial and business parks with registered capital ... [detailed]
Fund Management
Based on the profound understanding of the domestic real estate market, Vantone Real Estate Fund has built a complete set of investment management system, made deep analysis of the long-term development tendency of the real estate... [detailed]
Asset Management
Vantone’s Asset Management business includes a series of real-estate related investment, operations, and management. Assets under this business branch include Vantone Mall, Vantone Commercial Center, and Vantone Inn. [detailed]
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