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Love:our goal is to become a specialized real estate company with excellent performance, entrusted by all sponsors and respected by the society.

Anniversary: other companies may hold big dinner party, while each Vantone’s Anniversary is our Self-reflection Day, meaning “Foresee value, invest in the future”.

LOGO: positive power, being honest, proper operation, facing the world with confidence, and enjoy the life.

Honest and Innovative:“being honest and innovative” is the Core Value of Vantone for its sustainable development. Conducting honest business, being an honest man, making full use of our subjective initiative, keeping rules various, and being innovative, then we can make a success.

Dream: ideal is the light at the end of a dark tunnel. You will not be afraid if you see it, and it is the reason for going on as well as perseverance.

Sincerity is the basis for communication as well as the guarantee for mutual understanding. -- Feng Lun

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