Since its inception, Vantone has always implemented corporate social responsibility, dedicated to becoming an example for all Chinese enterprises in carrying out corporate social responsibility.


Vantone launched Beijing Vantone Foundation in 2008, devoted to communication, research, and financial assistance in fields such as environmental protection, energy saving, education, and poverty alleviation. The mission of Vantone Foundation is to put forth ecological protection concepts and knowledge; advocate environmentally friendly lifestyles; support theoretical research; analyze policies and practices concerning urban and rural ecological construction; and encourage residents of communities to participate in the management and construction of their respective communitiesin an effort to help create a harmonious society. The purpose of Vantone Foundation is to push forward environmental protection and energy conservation and to promote harmony between man and nature. The main business of Vantone Foundation is to promote the construction of Chinese ecological communities.


The Foundation is managed by an independent Council and operated by a full-time management team. Its structure includes the Council and the Secretariat. The Council is responsible for decision making, while the Secretariat executes the decisions made by the Council.


The Foundation is a special assistance fund. It provides financial assistance to public welfare projects carried out by Chinese domestic non-governmental organizations (NGO). The Foundation carries out periodical inspections and assessments of its projects through a specialized project management system and management tools. The Foundation has formed cooperative partnership relations with the Environment Education Center of Beijing Global Village, Friends of Nature, China Association of Poverty Alleviation and Development, Shining Stone Community Action Center, Institute for Environment and Development, and Friends of Green China Tianjin so as to promote the construction of Chinese ecological communities.


Website of Vantone Foundation: www.vantonefound.org

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