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Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “Vantone Holdings” or “the Company”) is a real estate investment company with one of the largest amounts of paid-in capital in Beijing, with total assets amounting to RMB13.85 billion. It has a listed company “Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred as “Vantone Real Estate”, SH600246).


With a focus  on the real estate industry, Vantone Holdings has  two main business directions: direct investment and fund investment, involving real estate development, industrial real estate, and fund and asset management businesses.


In June 1993, Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd. was registered and established with paid-in capital of RMB 800 million in Beijing. Vantone Holdings is one of the first large-size private joint-stock enterprises established in Beijing. Since its founding 20 years ago, Vantone Holdings has adopted a far-sighted awareness based on “planning for the present with an eye towards the future” to set its development strategy and to explore and open up new fields and new models of real estate investment. Our achievements include:


  • Vantone Holdings has since 1993 invested in and developed a number of high-profile property projects such as Beijing Vantone New World Plaza, Air China Plaza, and Beijing Vantone Center. Meanwhile, Vantone Holdings also developed some upscale residential projects, such as Beijing Wanquan Legacy Town, Beijing Asian Games Legacy Town, Beijing Central Park, and Beijing Longshan Legacy Town. Vantone Holdings quickly became one of the most dynamic real estate investment companies in China.
  • Vantone Holdings and Tianjin Teda Group established a strategic partnership in April 2004 to effectively combine the resources of Teda Group with Vantone Holdings’ specialized operations. Bringing together Tianjin Binhai New Area, the “US Model,” and the Vantone Value System as the basis for its development strategy, making commercial residential buildings and “Vantone Center” its business focus, and adopting the business model of “director and producer,” Vantone Real Estate aims to build upon and improve the traditional development model and build up its resources. In the last six years, the Company has achieved great success in Beijing and Tianjin.


  • Vantone Holdings has since 2007 looked to Singapore-based CapitaLand as a benchmark, aiming to use five to 10 years to build itself into the most competitive enterprise specializing in real estate investment in China. Currently, Vantone Holdings owns diversified assets and a professional team in the real estate sector, including:
    • Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd., a listed company focused on residential and commercial development;
    • Tianjin Vantone Innovation Industrial Resource Investment Co., Ltd., which has created a new cooperation model between real estate development enterprises and large manufacturing enterprises;
    • Beijing Vantone Hongtai Trading Co., Ltd. (formerly called “Beijing Vantone New World Plaza Co., Ltd.”), which provides various services such as retail, recreation, and catering;
    • Yitongwantong Commercial Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which provides specialized business and conference services; and
    • Vantone Inn (Beijing) Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which operates high-end  hotels for the business traveller.

Vantone Holdings has also been actively developing overseas markets. “China Center” – a Vantone Holdings investment  . It will provide upscale business spaces for high-profile Chinese and international companies.


Meanwhile, we have further explored business opportunities in fund management. In 2010, the first commercial real estate fund of Vantone Holdings was successfully launched and RMB 500 million  was raised, leading to the creation of China's private REITs fund. Beijing Zhongcheng Wanli Investment Fund, with Vantone Holdings as one of its main sponsors,  raised money  became one of China’s first partnership-based real estate development funds . In addition,  Vantone Holdings participated in the Teda Regional Development Fund  as well as the preparation and launch of overseas funds, such as the American Black Lion Fund. In the future, Vantone Holdings will further expand the scope and depth of its fund management business.


"Foresee Value, Invest in the Future." Following a “counter cyclical ” strategy and guided by by  the principle of “low risk, medium speed, high returns,” Vantone Holdings controls the pace of its development, promotes innovation, and is engaged in a new urbanization endeavor for enormous threedimensional cities. With 20 years of hard work and innovation, Vantone Holdings has become one of the most innovative enterprises in China’s real estate industry. Relying on its solid strength and profound and respected corporate and business culture, , Vantone Holdings is now sparing no effort to create more wealth and benefit for its shareholders, its employees, society, and other relevant interest groups.

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