• Message from Chairman
Establish a long-term vision, build a solid base, sail towards a bright future

Life is a journey, along which many decisions must be made. Free will, in its capacity to make decisions, means that we can be the master of our own destiny. Therefore, if we could make the right decision at a few key points along our life’s journey, an extraordinary life awaits us over the horizon.

Society is going through a phase characterized by a rapidly changing system of values, so it is a bit difficult to hold on to our original goals and moral standards. On the contrary, it is quite easy to go with the flow.  We must have a long-term vision, great goals, along with some elements of idealism in our value system, which means that we must elevate ourselves over money and short-term benefits. Even with a great goal directing us, we must also know how to adapt to the environment, which means sufficient communication and cooperation. We must build a solid foundation upon which we can further develop. If we can build our solid foundation by creating a win-win mentality and maintaining a balance between our dignity and good relations, we will stimulate a progressive movement towards the future, with great expectations.

Starting in 2008, along with the growth of our current business, we expanded into the areas of investment, multi-channel financing, and capital market operations. By my calculations, if the market capitalization of publicly listed Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co. Ltd. (Vantone Real Estate) could double or triple its capital market operations, the scale of the company will be well-suited for future development. Additionally, by further developing and refining our management team, we can have another important driver  for our future growth: indispensible human capital. Moreover, if our corporate governance structure functions well, the capital market will have a good opinion of us and lend their support. All of these aims have helped us make better decisions, and will continue to do so.

After Vantone Real Estate became listed, we decided that Vantone Holdings Co. Ltd. (Vantone) would not compete with its publicly listed subsidiary, and we transferred the role of top-level real estate development exclusively to Vantone Real Estate. In our internal meetings, I asked our management team a key question: how would our business model change if we were not doing what we had always done and without the top-level real estate development qualification?  In my opinion, there are the following possibilities:


  1. Cooperation such as that between Pearl River and Hopson Development: Mr. Xu Rongmao’s A-Share-listed company and Hong Kong-listed company have gradually developed a healthy cooperative relationship rather than competing, with one focusing on the mainland market and the other on capital market operations in Hong Kong.
  2. A relationship such as that between Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa Limited: we could add another core business line to Vantone, which should have good development potential and a mature market, and then we could list the whole Vantone business group.
  3. Through future integration, inject currently non-listed assets into the listed company.
  4. Privatize Vantone to form a private equity-like enterprise, such as KKR or Carlyle.
  5. Simply remain a holding company, only receiving dividends from subsidiaries.


What I have been striving for is to make a sound strategic decision, so the whole management team can lead the company to an elevated level and establish a direction towards higher growth. After that, we could make another strategic decision, then everyone would work together to fulfil our decision. Four years ago, we made a decision to form a strategic partnership with Teda Group; the whole company concentrated its efforts towards achieving that objective and succeeded. In 2006, we decided to list Vantone Real Estate, and we experienced another high-growth period. If we could make another correct decision now, then a high-growth period is within our sight. Therefore, my responsibility is to organize the board to efficiently and prudently make every decision, fulfilling our responsibilities to our shareholders and other stakeholders. We willendeavorto keep improving our decision-making process and the decisions made, thereby creating value for our shareholders, rationally and objectively assessing risks, and fulfilling our responsibilities.

Vantone’s mission and commitment is discovering value, creating value, and realizing value, which are also the company’s basis of success and growth. We cannot afford to be absent minded and we must continually improve.  Success is important; we must not be complacent. 


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