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  • Brand Identity

The expression “Eye of the Century” is the most important symbol of Vantone’s brand. It vividly describes the concept, attitude, vision, and inner emotion of “perfection, harmony, openness, tolerance, prospects, and creation.”

  • Regarding the modeling:

To use images of simple rhythms and endless cycles as symbols of vitality that continuously forge ahead, and patterns of Yin and Yang as symbols of open-mindedness and tolerance, to develop the Chinese enterprise spirit of harmony and macro world.


  • Regarding the spiritual connotation:

The vortex-shaped image  represents the developmental tendency of continuous expansion and exploration towards diversification and internationalization, the spirit of making efforts to serve society and benefit mankind, and the limitless flexibility, creativity, and everlasting vitality of Vantone Industrial, as well as its deep insights into the world and vision for the future.


Brand System
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