• Our Values

Vantone's Core Value: To be honest and innovative

"To be honest and innovative" is Vantone's core value. We must obey the law and do business honestly, while being innovative and creative. We refuse to be a shooting star that shines for just a moment, but intend to conduct solid business that lasts for the long term.


Our Historical Foothold: Never forget the fundamentals

We must never forget the fundamentals that we have lived by since our founding. The difficulties and hardships we have experienced will always spur us to take responsibility and devote ourselves to making greater contributions.


Our Vision: To work at Vantone and for the world; To create wealth and improve ourselves

This is a vision that was brought about by the founders of Vantone since 1991. Put simply, our vision is to "Be a good person, do good business, and earn good money".


The Four Requirements of the Company

1. Public capital
2. Specialized business
3. Professional management
4. Localized development


Our Strategic Approach: Arrange for the present by looking to the future

Foresight should be a core competence of Vantone. We must always plan with a view to the future in order to secure business opportunities.


Our Source of Wisdom: Learning is Vantone’s vehicle to reach new heights                

We emphasize the importance of learning, for which we have established our own training school - the Longshan Academy. Each year on Vantone's birthday we hold a self-examination session. We require ourselves to learn from both books and our past experiences, successes and failures.


Our Way to Success: To learn from the model, seize financial opportunities, and take the right path

To learn from the model is to look to leading companies as a benchmark and learn from them in order to make ourselves a model. To seize financial opportunities is to cooperate with solid companies and businesses and make money work for us. To take the right path is to take into account all stakeholders' interests and make ourselves a respectable company.

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