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Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SH: 600246, hereinafter referred to as “Vantone Real Estate”) with total capital stock of 1.2618 billion stocks. Total assets were over 10 billion yuan and net assets reached 3.6 billion yuan as of 31 December 2010. Vantone Real Estate owns qualified first-class real estate development and has 11 branch companies and one joint stock subsidiary. All of these subsidiaries are real estate development companies.

Vantone Real Estate is one of the top and most respected brands in China’s real estate industry It is one of the pioneering enterprises and the volunteer chairman on duty of the Strategic Alliance of Chinese City Real Estate Developers (hereinafter referred to as “China City Alliance”), and the volunteer chairman on duty of the National Industrial and Commercial Alliance Real Estate Commercial Club. By following the core values of “predictability, innovation, cooperation, and team work” and insisting on the development of best practices and “high-quality development,” Vantone Real Estate has become an example of an excellent listed real estate enterprise. Vantone Real Estate takes “Creating the most valuable living space” as its mission and is engaged in becoming a high-class and respectable specialized real estate company which is in line with international management standards. In addition, Vantone Real Estate has also released a comprehensive and systemic environmentally friendly corporate strategy based on environmentally friendly values, behaviour, and products, so as to ensure the company’s long-term competitiveness  and guide the deeper and broader development of the industry.

As an innovator and pioneer of the real estate industry, Vantone Real Estate firstly advocates changing the “Hong Kong Model” to the “US Model” and optimizing the company’s business resource allocation based on this model and developing its business strategy with residential estate development and commercial property as the core business. In this way, Vantone is a real estate company engaged in both development and operations, thereby providing it with a stable source of profit and a capacity to get through any downturns.

, Vantone Real Estate looks to American Toll Brothers as the benchmark for its residential real estate business. High-end commercial residential buildings are its core product which adds value to Vantone’s products and reputation, thereby becoming a first-class, specialized, and profitable high-end residential listed real estate company. The company’s residential estate business is centralized in Beijing and Tianjin, and two successful product series (including Legacy Town and Central Park) are already quite mature. Another already developed project includes Phase I of Beijing Asian Games Legacy Town, and projects currently under development include Beijing Longshan Legacy Town, Beijing Central Park, Beijing Tianzhu Legacy Town, Tianjin Vantone Upscale International, Tianjin Vantone Central Park, Tianjin Vantone Huafu, Tianjin Vantone Airport Project, and Tianjin Vantone Shangbei Legacy Town Most of Vantone’s projects have become the regional landmarks and well-known properties. In addition, Vantone Real Estate cooperated with Chengdu Jiaoda Real Estate at the end of 2006 to establish Jiaoda Vantone Properties Co., Ltd. which has recently added Xiangzhou Peninsula in North Chengdu (under construction), Green Hill Project in East Chengdu (under construction), Hongpailou in South Chengdu, Hongqiangxiang Project in Central Chengdu, and Jinfulu No.5 Project in West Chengdu. These five projects have a combined total area of more than 800,000m2. As of January 2008, Vantone Real Estate possessed a total of more than 3,000,000m2 of high-quality real estate projects in its two core areas of Beijing and Tianjin, as well as Chengdu. Vantone Real Estate’s strategy is to conduct and lead the development or residential real estate in Central China. The company makes full use of the advantageous locations of Tianjin Binhai New Area to effectively strengthen  investment in Beijing and Tianjin, so as to ensure the company possesses a competitive advantages in these areas.

Vantone Real Estate looks to American Tishman Speyer as the benchmark for its commercial property development. The company is striving to transform its real estate selling operations from the short-term capital turnover dependence type to “medium-term, capacity orientation, income diversification, and capital return” and is engaged in developing, constructing, holding, and operating high-grade commercial property such as Vantone Center. In addition, the company will gradually increase the proportion of commercial property of its operations and make efforts to create the commercial property brand of Vantone Center. Vantone Center is located in the central business districts (CBD) or central commercial areas of first  and second-tier cities in China and is a comprehensive building which includes an office building, shopping mall, service apartments, hotel and public square. Vantone Center is Vantone’s flagship commercial property product. The basic aim of commercial property investment is to drive development and have diversified financial channels. Vantone Real Estate has created a unique commercial property investment model through the “Main development mode” in which greater returns will be generated with less capital investment and the “Investor mode” in which mature property will be merged to improve its value and which will then be sold. At present, Beijing Vantone Center has been completed and put into use. Vantone Real Estate has already developed commercial properties including Beijing Vantone New World Plaza, Beijing Vantone Development Building (named Beijing Air China Plaza), and Beijing Wanquan Commercial Garden. The Vantone Center in Hangzhou and Tianjin are currently being planned and designed.

Vantone Real Estate has its own outstanding leaders and long-serving senior, and professional managers who possess hardworking and cooperative attitudes. The company will further perfect its corporate culture of “Being honest and innovative,” make efforts to create a professional management team, ensure good corporate governance, build Vantone’s new shareholder culture of respecting small and medium-sized investors, and try its best to create lasting, long-term, and stable investment returns for its shareholders.

Since its establishment, Vantone Real Estate has strictly abided by corporate citizenship and social responsibility and has always actively focused on, passionately participated in, and practiced corporate social responsibility. The company initiated and participated in “China City Alliance” and promoted the “new residence movement” since 1999. During its tenure of voluntary chairman of “China City Alliance,” Vantone Real Estate was engaged in improving the image of the real estate industry and driving the transformation of the traditional real estate industry. As one the founding members of Alxa SEE Ecological Association, Vantone Real Estate has provided funds to improve the governance of desertification  in the Alxa area together with other well-known enterprises since 2004. Vantone Real Estate established Beijing Vantone Public Foundation in 2008 in order to continuously provide public welfare in an institutionalized and rationalized manner.

Differential Competitive Strategies for Residential Products of Vantone Real Estate Customer differentiation: Focusing on high-end customer target groups and satisfying high-end residential estate requirements of society’s elites.


Product differentiation: expanding our high-end product line.


Regional differentiation: Based in Beijing and Tianjin and focusing on the region around Bohai Sea.


Service differentiation: Use tailored-made services for each client.

Differential Competitive Strategies for Commercial Property of Vantone Real Estate: Looks to “Vantone Center” as its flagship product.


USA Mode: Clear withdrawal mechanism andcapacity orientation with capital management capacity at the core


Income diversification and “main developer” mode: Financing diversification and increasing investments of self-provided capital.



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