• Vantone Mall


Vantone Mall is located at the south-west corner of Fuchengmen Overpass, serviced by over 10 bus routes, and which can be directly reached from Beijing Subway Line 2. Vantone Mall also provides more than 400 car parking spaces on both the ground level and underground levels.


The gross floor area of Vantone Mall is 27,000m2, with 1,640 booths and more than 5,000 operators. Vantone Mall takes up six floors (from the basement floor to the fifth floor) with over 10,000 types of products available, equipped with 18 elevators, central air conditioning, electronic monitoring, smoke detectors and automatic sprinklers to make it a multifunctional commercial space for shopping, recreation, catering, and entertainment. It has been over 10 years since Vantone Mall established a consumer market as its focus when it made its first set of upgrades in 1999. At present, Vantone Mall has become one of the most popular shopping malls in Beijing, because of its clear market positioning, affordable prices, and vast range of products. In 2006, according to the market environment, Vantone Mall carried out upgrading and rebuilding for the second time. Following the rebuilding, Vantone Mall now consists of franchised stores, specialty stores, small business owners,, all of which has improved its operating level. In 2008, Vantone Mall added 33 contractors, and successfully introduced two famous brands – KFC and Ajisen Ramen – on the basement level, attracting the flow of pedestrians. In the same year, Vantone Mall established “Vantone Mall Daily Management System of Quantitative Testing” and “Safe Operation Manual.”


In order to effectively respond to the financial crisis, adapt to changes in the business environment, Vantone Mall established an Investment Department so as to be able to respond to continuous developments in the market.


During holidays, Vantone Mall often plans a series of sales promotion activities aimed at effectively communicating with and gaining new customers. In 2008, Vantone Mall celebrated its 10th Anniversary and successfully held a series of activities which were positively received by customers.


The global financial crisis greatly affected Vantone Mall and consumers. To protect the interests of its customers, Vantone Mall responded to the economic crisis by conducting a series of activities and initiating many measures so as to minimize the effect of the crisis.


After long-term market investigation and detailed planning, Vantone Mall decided the third upgrading and rebuilding in 2009, which focuses on re-position of the fifth floor and basement floor. After rebuilding, commercial environment of Food Street, Cases & Bags District and Sports Area would obviously be improved, and overall image of Vantone Mall would be enhanced so that overall rental level would also be significantly increased. 


Website: www.vantonemall.com

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