• Vantone Commercial Center


The main businesses of Yitong Vantone Commercial Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. are Commercial Center and Conference Center, which are located in CBD Vantone Center and Vantone New World Plaza in Fuchenmen, respectively. The Company has a team of 20 employees, with 80% of them possessing rich experience in the industry.


Vantone Commercial - 8F, Unit A, Vantone New World Plaza, is located in the core area of Financial Street. The plaza covers an area of 1,800m2. It has 25 offices (158 workstations in total) with a variety of high-quality services, five meeting rooms of differing sizes, as well as gymnasiums and recreation areas. Each office is equipped with matching set office furniture by internationally recognized brands that complies with the requirements of different kinds of office work and meetings.  


Vantone Commercial - 26F, Unit D, CBD Vantone Center, is equipped with high-end business office facilities, has over 40, two-to-six person differing offices types. To satisfy various requirements of our customers, the site service team can provide our customers with tailor-made business service solutions at any time.


Vantone Conference Center - 27F, Unit D, CBD Vantone Center, has over 10 easily modifiable conference rooms, which can accommodate meetings for 20 to 300 people . In addition, the Conference Center can provide state-of-the-art video meeting services. The unique feature of the Conference Center is the kitchen, which can provide meeting participants with exclusive restaurant services.


Website: www.vantonecommercialcenter.com

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