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Vantone Inn (Beijing) Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Vantone Inn) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of  Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd. and is engaged in investing and operating the hotel brand of “Vantone Inn” under Vantone.


Vantone Inn is a business hotel chain brand. Guided by international management concepts, Vantone Inn operates according to the successful operating experiences of international business hotel chains with reference to the environmentally friendly, comfortable, safe, convenient, simple, and high-level characteristics of international boutique hotels and provides high-quality service at an appropriate price. By integrating popular imagery, maintenance, and management, Vantone Inn is a brand with clear individuality and rich characteristics. Vantone Inn has unique branding, style, visual traits, service, sales planning, goods, and sales network throughout all of its subordinate hotel chains, so as to guarantee the high-quality service and reputation at each subordinate hotel.


With the concept of creating a high-class hotel for businesspeople, Vantone Inn is meticulously is designed to take into account the needs of its guests. The interior design and external appearance of Vantone Inn are uniformly designed by specialized hotel design companies, embodying the recommendations of hotel management experts, energy-saving technology experts, architectural design experts, and sales experts. Modern style is adopted in the overall hotel design, which is simple but refined and cozy and meets the aesthetic requirements of modern society. The hotel is equipped with standard rooms, double rooms, suites, and other kinds of rooms. The demands of modern businesspeople have been taken fully into consideration in room arrangement and the rooms are equipped with small-scale business meeting facilities, such as television and telephone meetings. In addition, free internet access, self-service laundry, shops, restaurants, and other services are provided.

Vantone Inn has implemented an advanced mode of management based on international standards, setting up Expansion Department, Financial Department, Engineering Department, Purchasing Department, Brand Department, Operation Department, Budget Department, Administration Department, and IT department, made related operating standards, and established the basicframework of the hotel group.


Vantone Inn’s strategy is geared towards first-tier cities and provincial capitals. The market is mid-level businesspeople, including white-collar workers, public servants, IT technicians, salespeople, and businesspeople from small and medium-sized enterprises. Vantone Inn signed an agreement for a hotel project in Zhongshan Road of Hohhot in October 2007 and signed an agreement for a hotel project in Beijing Zhongguancun in October 2008.


The Zhongguancun Branch of Vantone Inn is located in Beijing Zhongguancun and near to the Chuangfu Building, Hailong Building, e-World, Kemao Building, China Machinery and Electric Group Corporation, China Putian Building, “1+1” Building, and other high-tech electronic buildings. The internal design of this hotel is subject to the basic requirements of a commercial hotel and the main service facilities include 121 guest rooms, meeting rooms, snack bar, shops, book store, and commercial center. The hotel has been open since December 2008.


The Vantone Inn on Zhongshan Road in Hohhot is located in the central business district of Hohhot City and near to Pedestrian Street and the city’s main artery. The internal design of the hotel is in line with the basic requirements of a commercial hotel and the main service facilities include 153 guest rooms, two meeting rooms, self-service laundry room, snack bar, commercial center, book store, wet bar, and other shops. The hotel is expected to commence operations in March 2009.


As a new boutique business hotel chain, Vantone Inn will continue to summarize, induce, adjust, and sort out one set of operating mode suitable for modern boutique hotel.

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