• Our HR Philosophy

Vantone Holdings has adhered to the corporate culture and core values of “honesty and integrity,” and strives to achieve greater professionalism in its talent selection mechanism so as to ensure fair and equitable selection criteria for different positions in various departments. , Vantone also pays attention to an individual’s professional competence when selecting talent.


Vantone has always insisted on selecting capable talent for challenging positions. Vantone also welcomes those individuals who possess solid professional knowledge, excellent abilities, innovative ideas, teamwork skills, and who can combine their own personal pursuits with the company’s long-term development plans.


Based on the human resources management philosophy of “Senior Talent, Rather Than Capital and centered upon “Building a Human Resources Hub,” Vantone Holdings has vigorously cultivated and built a team with cross-cultural, cross-regional, and cross-market professional qualities and capacities with which to conduct management duties and operations with international standards and help ensure the rapid and steady development of the company well into the 21st century.

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